David Pastrnak Is Becoming One Of The Bruins’ Greats

Over time, legends are created. In the rich Boston Bruins history, David Pastrnak is gradually becoming one. In his brief six years of NHL service, Pastrnak has accumulated 177 goals and 183 assists for a total of 360 points. Not to mention 77 game-winning goals. In this post, we

2000-2019 Boston Bruins – One of Four Feature Stories

Join @Smithml1015 and I at our look back on the Boston Bruins' players both past and present from 2000-2019, that gave or gives us reason(s) to remember them. It's just a jump to the Left...Wing Milan Lucic https://youtu.be/V2IdBEca_50 https://youtu.be/V2IdBEca_50 Milan Lucic aka Looch played for Boston for 8 years. He was very much a part

Time For The Bruins To Move A Couple of Pieces

With the 2020 season barely a week old, the first-place Bruins are struggling to find some offense. The team ranks third in the league on the power play and fourth in the penalty-killing department. As of late, the Bruins are having issues in closing out games. In this post, we