How 2019-20 Ruined Rob Manfred as MLB Commissioner

With the MLB looking more than less likely to come back this season, there are more than enough people to blame for not returning. Maybe you blame the players for not taking the deals that were close enough to what they wanted. You can also blame the owners for not

Golden Hall Eighth Team

Overtime Heroics presents the Golden Hall Eighth Team. This article is the fourth in a series revealing the 100 players who comprise the newly-established Golden Hall.  For other entries, see: ExplainerThe BenchTenth TeamNinth Team The Golden Hall Eighth Team has a decidedly modern feel to it.  Seven of the nine players played their

Houston Astros: Hiring of Dusty Baker

After many interviews the Astros decided to hire Dusty Baker. Following the wake of their cheating scandal, Houston had to fire AJ Hinch. This came shortly after he was suspended by MLB for his role in the Astros' cheating scandal. The 70-year-old became the oldest manager in the big leagues.

Will the 2020 World Series Champion Be Legitimate?

We are getting close. As of this morning, the MLB and MLBPA were getting close to agreeing on a reopening plan for the 2020 season. All that remains as an obstacle in front of the 2020 MLB season is the approval by the government. There will be many changes for

Manfred Issues Another Slap on the Wrist

Players and fans alike are still seething from the lack of punishment handed down to the Astros for cheating. Now, MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, has issued another slap on the wrist, this time to Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox. The investigation into Boston's cheating was thorough. They interviewed 65