FLASHBACK! Sacramento Kings 2019-20 SEASON PREVIEW – Oct. 22 2019

- Inside Article - **Kings Off-Season Moves** **Player, Coach, Team Breakdown and Analysis** **Kobe Bryant & Luke Walton Rookie Story** **My Season Win/Loss PREDICTIONS** Sacramento Kings 2019-20 Season Preview On October 22nd, 2019 I wrote a Sacramento Kings 2019-20 season preview article. That was before I started writing for the AWESOME Overtime Heroics squad.I thought it

Zion Williamson’s Rookie Year: The Future of the NBA?

Zion Williamson's rookie year

After Zion Williamson's rookie year, it seems NOLA may have acquired a generational talent. Since his days in high school, Zion has continuously shocked basketball enthusiasts across the world with his size, athleticism, and undeniably likable “lead by example” personality. The Pelicans selected the North Carolina native with the first

NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Tournament: Final Four

The final four of the NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Tournament is here, and we have have two semi-final match-ups with four of the game's greatest.. For those of you who missed the initial round of 64, click here, check in on the next round of 32 here, the sweet sixteen

LeBron James Finals Record is a Weak Criticism

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

With The Last Dance premiering last night the All-Time debate has heated up. LeBron James' finals record has also become a hot topic again. Since entering the league in 2003 LeBron James has had the expectations of being one of the all-time greats. Being compared to greats like Magic Johnson,