MLB 14 Team Playoff Format Should Be Permanent

COVID-19 has changed everything. Learning is solely online, so is most of our jobs, and sports largely cease to exist. Yet, Major League Baseball's owners are set to vote today on a return to play initiative. If this initiative is passed by the owners, it will then be sent to

Why MLB Needs To Cancel The 2020 Season

Having baseball back would make countless fans happy. It would bring a sense of joy and normalcy to a world running short on both. Numerous plans have been proposed. From having all games played in Arizona/Florida to even holding the season in Japan. One thing all these proposals have in

Grinding All My Life: Jaylen Hubbard

Growing up around Jaylen, I saw firsthand how hard he worked. Having a parent being a former professional athlete is not easy. His dad (Trenidad Hubbard) knows what it takes to be a pro and has prepared him every day to be just that. As a friend and fan of

The Perfect 10: The Greatest Dodger Lineup Part 3

The Perfect Ten catcher Roy Campanella.

The Perfect 10: The Last 3 In this third and final installment of building the greatest Dodger team ever assembled the positions of catcher, pitcher, and manager will be chosen. The criteria will be a little different than the last two articles considering the nature of the positions. The catcher

Covid_19 and the Houston Astros

Does This Hurt, Help, or Save Them? Last Saturday, March 28th, was my 51st birthday and this whole week has been a sad one.  It is the first birthday in 40 some odd years that I do not have an Astro's game.  For many years it was the last preseason game.