Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold

There’s a new sheriff in town amongst the landscape of College Basketball. No, I'm not talking about the immediate rise of Chris Beard and Texas Tech's basketball program. It's the NBA G-League Pro Program. This program is designed to allow elite high school prospects the chance to develop before

Scouting Report: James Wiseman

Breakdown:Draft Lottery: Early Lottery19.7PPG, 10.7 RPG, 0.3 APG, 3.0 BLK, 76.9 FG%, 70% FT https://twitter.com/MattBabcock11/status/1192518370505003010?s=20 The Good:Wiseman has great physical tools, with his 7'6 wingspan and elite athletic ability. Has the potential to be a dominant defensive presence/shot blocker for years to come. He is the prototypical center for today's NBA, Wiseman

2020 NBA Mock Draft: March Sadness Edition

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2020 NBA Mock 2.0

For Mock 2.0 exercise, the Overtime Heroics team decided to do a rotating draft, with four of our NBA Draft writers representing teams at each selection. General Managers: Derek Murray @DMurrayNBA, Alex Brown @AhbAnalytics, Tobias Bass @tobias_bass, Blake Hairston @BlzyHoops. We operated having removed a handful of Early Entrant candidates that we believe will return to school.

Scouting Report: Jaden McDaniels

Easily one of the most polarizing picks in the draft, Jaden McDaniels's size, frame, and skill set has the imagination running wild with potential. Washington's star freshman is a 6’9 forward with guard skills that has shown the ability to score on all three levels. Whether it's scoring on stepback

Scouting Report: Tyrese Maxey

When a top high school recruit commits to a highly regarded collegiate program, expectations get higher, pressure mounts, and it immediately becomes “all eyes on you”. Tyrese Maxey decided to make a statement with his first game on the big stage against Michigan State dropping 26 points on 7-12 shooting