Justin Brazeau is ready to be unleashed in the American Hockey League (AHL) next season. At 6'6" and 225 Lbs he is much bigger than your average Maple Leafs prospect. Here is a look at what to expect from the 22 year old. Justin Brazeau In The Ontario Hockey

Lose for Lafrenière? Part 1

In a shocking turn of events, the 1st round pick in the 2020 NHL draft will go to one of the 8 NHL teams eliminated from the Stanley Cup Qualifier rounds. There will be a second drawing for the 1st pick in the draft after the qualifiers. Each team that

Oilers Draft Targets-Round One

The Edmonton Oilers are expected to be adding some forward prospects at the upcoming 2020 NHL draft. There are multiple options for them to choose from throughout the entire draft. Today I will be starting a 5 piece series, telling you who the Oilers should draft every round. Today I

Should the Leafs Sign Riley Stotts?

Riley Stotts isn’t a name commonly discussed when talking about Leafs prospects. The 2018 3rd round selection has flown under the radar since he was drafted. He entered the season with his rights near expiring, along with Filip Kral and Zachary Bouthillier. However, the Leafs ended up signing Kral to