2020 Season Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

On Monday, Major League Baseball released the schedules for all 30 teams. Here's a preview of how the Cards will stack up in 2020. Getting Started The schedule is set for just 60 games this year, making it imperative that the Cardinals get out of the box quickly. With the shortened season,

MLB to Cut 42 Minor League Franchises

According to some reports, Minor League Baseball is giving up the fight. The junior leagues fought hard and even congress got involved, but they'll now reportedly allow MLB to cut 42 minor league franchises. If the plan that was leaked to the media goes through. some teams will come out

NL Central Team With the Most to Lose

The National League Central is unarguably always the closest division in Major League Baseball. Each season, only a handful of games separate the top two or three teams in the division. With everything going on, which NL Central team has the most to lose with baseball delayed? This unexpected break from

MLB Suspended: What’s Next?

MLB has now suspended all baseball operations as of March 12, 2020. So what's next for the sport and its 30 major-league level teams as they wait this thing out? Self Preservation First and foremost, MLB will now have the responsibility to ensure that it's facilities and players are safe. I knew

Top 5 Must-Watch Cubs Series in 2020 Season

Baseball is almost back, and the Chicago Cubs have many good series coming up in 2020. But what are the top 5 must-watch Cubs series of the 2020 season? With games in London, to playing at home mid-summer against an unfamiliar face. The Choices are endless. 5. March 30th – April

Who Will Be the Cardinals Left Fielder in 2020?

The Cardinals went into this season with a ton of outfielders and no real answer on what to do with them. With Harrison Bader in centerfield and Dexter Fowler likely in right, the Cardinals must find their answer for left field. Tyler O'Neill and Dylan Carlson are the favorites,