Tampa Bay Rays 2020 Draft Grades

This year's MLB Draft was one for the ages. The amount of selections were seriously cut, and some teams made some interesting selections. The Tampa Bay Rays were not one of those teams, as they went about business as usual. In what many pundits have called a draft win for

MLB to Cut 42 Minor League Franchises

According to some reports, Minor League Baseball is giving up the fight. The junior leagues fought hard and even congress got involved, but they'll now reportedly allow MLB to cut 42 minor league franchises. If the plan that was leaked to the media goes through. some teams will come out

The Rise and Fall of Josh Hamilton

In 1999 a young baseball prospect from Raleigh North Carolina, Josh Hamilton prepared to be selected in the draft. Hamilton went first overall by Tampa Bay and got a $3.96 million signing bonus. The outfielder with all the potential in the world found himself starting his long journey to the