MLB 14 Team Playoff Format Should Be Permanent

COVID-19 has changed everything. Learning is solely online, so is most of our jobs, and sports largely cease to exist. Yet, Major League Baseball's owners are set to vote today on a return to play initiative. If this initiative is passed by the owners, it will then be sent to

The Rise and Fall of Josh Hamilton

In 1999 a young baseball prospect from Raleigh North Carolina, Josh Hamilton prepared to be selected in the draft. Hamilton went first overall by Tampa Bay and got a $3.96 million signing bonus. The outfielder with all the potential in the world found himself starting his long journey to the

Texas Rangers Spring Training Report

Texas Rangers Spring Training Report Okay, Texas Rangers fans, how are we all feeling? Well, if you’re anything like myself and the millions of baseball fans around the world right now… then you’re probably quite deflated. The previously labelled Coronavirus, now officially registered as COVID-19, has swept the world (and I’m

MLB Suspended: What’s Next?

MLB has now suspended all baseball operations as of March 12, 2020. So what's next for the sport and its 30 major-league level teams as they wait this thing out? Self Preservation First and foremost, MLB will now have the responsibility to ensure that it's facilities and players are safe. I knew

Underrated MLB Rotations for 2020

The smell of fresh grass, the sound of bats hitting balls - what does it all mean? Baseball season is upon us. Thankfully, we're now just a few weeks away from the start of the 2020 MLB season. In the era of the longball, one could argue that quality starting