The Atlanta Hawks Have a Bright Future

The Atlanta Hawks were mid-game, when the NBA hiatus drama began to unfold. Despite Trae Young’s 42 points and 11 assists, the Hawks ultimately lost to the Knicks 136-131, in what could possibly have been their last game of the season. With the season in hiatus, it is time to

Trae Young, and the Hawks, Look for Answers

Early in this season, this young Hawks core have been looking for answer. They’ve quickly gone from must see league pass TV, to a team in desperate need of a win. Last week, the Hawks dropped games to the T-Wolves, Bucks, Pacers, and were on the wrong side of a

Hawks off To a Soaring Start

Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks are off to a soaring 2-0 start. Trae Young is averaging an eye-popping 38.5 points, nine assist, and seven boards per game. Also, he is shooting 59 percent from the field and looks to avoid any sophomore slump symptoms that usually haunt 2nd-year players.