N.L. East Preview: Atlanta Braves

This season will be a shortened one for sure, but I still think baseball will begin around June/July. The stadiums might be empty or half empty, but I do not think they will cancel the season. So, let’s talk baseball! The N.L. East was the best division last year. You

Grading the Braves’ Offseason

Cole Hamels pitching last year for the Chicago Cubs

What did the Braves need this offseason to push them into the World Series? Your answer: bullpen improvements, a power bat, another starting pitcher, a starting catcher, and retaining their depth options. There were a lot of options this year in free agency and a lot of top names on

MLB Closer Entrance Songs, Ranked

One of the perks of being a closer in the MLB is picking your own entrance song. The best entrance songs fire up the crowd and players. The music can become iconic for sending stadiums into a ruckus, or for it's comedic effects. Additionally, the best songs not only are

Atlanta Braves: New Faces

The Atlanta Braves are active and determined this free agency, adding two big name free agents and locking up a few players already on the roster. The Braves are already gearing up for a successful next season. Will Smith The Atlanta Braves struck quick during free agency. On November 4, 2019,

MLB Qualifying Offer: National League

There is only one team left standing in MLB right now. Let it be known that the other twenty-nine teams were all sat back down. They aren’t, however, sitting on their hands. They are sitting at a computer somewhere as they crunch different algorithms or in meetings doing the same