Time Skew

The Time Skew Podcast is a NFL/Fantasy Football podcast where the takes are hot but the stats are heat! Using statistics/strategy/analysis we help you win your fantasy football championship!

Other fantasy football podcasts will spit out stats and excel docs at you and hope you can understand what that means. Time Skew takes the statistics and interprets them in a way any fan can understand and use that information to help them win their fantasy football championship. We understand the game of football is constantly changing therefore we try to stay ahead of the curve in everything we do. We use strategy and analysis the take a modern approach to fantasy football. We have listened to other fantasy football podcasts for years just telling you to do something and you will win. These podcasts never tell you why. When you listen to Time Skew we always give you the why behind everything we do. This allows for debate to take place on our podcast and flush out all ideas and strategy and allows you to gain the most knowledge and a deeper understanding of what you need to do to win your fantasy football championship.

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