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Is Patrick Mahomes the Best Quarterback in the NFL?

I know what your thinking. Of course, he is. But the facts may say something else. And while most fans would agree with you,...

Brady Versus Mahomes: 2 Of The Greats

Brady Versus Mahomes: 2 Greats Through The Years. A story that will be spoken about for years to come. How does Patrick Mahomes compare to the GOAT?

Offensive Line Problems to Fix Before Chiefs Playoffs Start

Week 17 is approaching, and Kansas City may very well sit their starters, giving their stars time to rest before the Chiefs playoffs start. There...

Quarterback Power Rankings: Week 15 Edition

As the playoffs approach, quarterback play becomes even more important. Wins are not the only thing that evaluators look at when determining the value...

NFL Week 16 Fantasy Overview

Week 16 of the 2020 NFL season kicks off on Christmas Day, with the Saints playing the Vikings. For DFS team managers, this week...

Three Possible Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Matchups

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Saints last week in a win that almost solidifies their stature as the number one seed in the...

Grading Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ Week 15 Performance

Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been great from day one, and there is no denying it. With an NFL MVP and a...

Chiefs’ Offense Struggles in Win Over Saints

Close win despite a shaky Chiefs offense Kansas City won a close one against the New Orleans Saints in a game that could have been...

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