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Sacramento Kings Predictions – February

The Sacramento Kings started the 'first quarter' of the 72 game NBA season with an 8-10 record. Ahead, I outline the February edition of...

Gerald Wallace Sacramento Kings Throwback Player Profile

The Gerald Wallace Sacramento Kings story starts with the 2001 NBA Draft. With the 21st selection, the Sacramento Kings chose the high flying, 6'7"...

Sacramento Kings Trade Scenarios

As the 2020-21 NBA season progresses there are many possibilities in terms of Sacramento Kings trade scenarios. Outlined ahead is how I think every...

Kings Defense Shines in Victory Against Nuggets

The Sacramento Kings defense shines as they recorded their second win in less than a week against the Denver Nuggets. A big fourth-quarter surge...

Sacramento Kings Weekly Recap – Optimism High After First 2-0 Start Since 2003

The Sacramento Kings exceeded most early expectations, tallying a 2-1 record in their first week of the NBA 2020-21 regular season. That first week...

Sacramento Kings 2020-21 Win-Loss Predictions – Part 1/4 – Doubtful Kings Crack .500 This Season

Written By: Tom Witt - Twitter: @sactowncrown The Sacramento Kings start the 2020-21 season on Wednesday 12/23 on the road against the Denver Nuggets. 2020-21...

Sacramento Kings 2020-21 Roster Breakdown – Sactown Crown Report

By: Tom Witt - Twitter: @sactowncrown  The Sacramento Kings are in what some would call a 're-build.' Kings fans have heard that phrase a FEW...

Complete 2020 Sacramento Kings Draft Breakdown and G-League Update

Sactown Crown Report - Kings 2020 Draft Breakdown and G-League Update

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